We account for over 15 years of experience, managing our client´s labor force, giving them the required social security and legal advice. We comply with all the necessary SHCP, IMSS and STPS requirements.


Personnel outsourcing

  • operative and executive personnel
  • mechanical and electrical operators for production line implementation
  • Security technicians and industrial fire corps
  • Administrative personnel
  • Super intendents


  • Mobile office and warehouse rental
  • Labor and security personnel supply
  • Crane and forklift rental

Main Clients

Our value offer

Our administrative and economic benefits:

1) Multiple risk premiums. Personnel outsourcers can have more than one risk premium. this allows for allocated personnel activity suscription, thus reducing IMSS aportations.

2) Legal risk reduction. Appropiate and responsible use of outsourcing significantly reduces the risk of lawsuits. It is the outsourcer who bufffers labor relations and its consecuences.

3) Through outsourcing, profit sharing is calculated based only on net outsourcing taxable profit, without access to the organization´s PTU.



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